About Montessori

Montessori is an approach to early childhood education that focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace.

It takes its name from Dr. Maria Montessori whose scientific background and belief in the potential and uniqueness of children empowered her to develop an educational approach that appreciates how childrens thought processes differ from those of adults. Her insights and approach to child development have been enormously influential all over the world, both through what has become the Montessori movement and through mainstream education, which has gradually accepted many of her practices.
What makes the Montessori approach different, and what makes it work so well, is that it is based on a deep understanding of the way children learn - through choosing, trying and doing themselves. When allied to the availability of specially developed materials in a prepared environment, and the close observation and guidance of a Montessori trained teacher, this leads to an enormously powerful, confidence-building approach to learning.
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About Montessori

aboutpicChildren join Leitrim Montessori at approximately 2.5 years of age and are with us for a 3-year program. This means they leave us the year that they move to Grade 1 in the fall.

The first year, the children are involved in lots of practical life and sensorial activities, and observing the older children. This first year prepares the children for the 2nd year when they gain confidence and engage more with the materials especially in Math and Language. The 3rd year is when the children gain a greater amount of confidence and their learning begins to move from concrete to abstract. It is in this last year that you really see the change in the children, their confidence shines through, and a solid foundation and love for learning is apparent. At this stage children are reading fluently, organizing their thoughts to give lessons to the younger children, printing, working on individual projects, working with numbers in the 1000’s, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

For the Montessori Method to really make a difference in your child’s development, we highly recommend allowing them to complete the full three years.