Leitrim Montessori Preschool has a wonderful complement of dedicated, caring and hardworking group

of teachers. Many of these teachers have been with us for several years. In fact, the majority have

been with the school for over ten years!


The bond between these ladies is a strong one. They care about each other and the children. They

work together as a dynamic team constantly offering a firm, fair and consistent approach. They gently

and encouragingly open a world of discovery, learning, independence and confidence in all the children

attending LMP. They share a mutual respect and pride in each other and this has a wonderful fallout

effect on the children and their families.


It is for this reason that we at LMP decided not to introduce our teachers to you on an individual basis.

Instead, we would like to extend an invitation to you to make an appointment to come and visit our

school and meet the teachers in person. Come see the wonderful work done at Leitrim Montessori